Can one program be so life-changing?

A friend of mine was telling me about this great program he had stumbled upon online. He attributed his recent successes (he was laid off some time back, but now has a great job that earns him more than double his previous salary) to this program, and despite how he raved about how awesome a product it was, I thought it sounded a little too good to be true.

So I took a look at it over here

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I mean, after all, how can one program be so life-changing?

Apparently the premise of the program is that through persuasion, you can accomplish practically anything you ever want in life. Career, fame, fortune, you name it. Master the art of persuasion and everything is yours for the taking.

Needless to say, I was skeptical. Who wouldn’t be, when a program promises that you can enjoy abundant riches and live the life of your dreams through something as simple as persuasion?

But this friend of mine said he completed the entire course, applied what he learned, and got the results he wanted.

The way he was talking about the product, I have to admit I was kind of curious. After all, I had been thinking of switching to another job myself, because I knew I could do better.

When I scored several job interviews some months back, I decided to give this product – Influence Persuasion – a try.

My first impression with Influence Persuasion? Surprise.

I was surprised that persuasion involved such a wide variety of disciplines. I was new to this persuasion thing, so it was mind-boggling to say the least. I had no idea that influence could be used to cultivate success as illustrated in the Influence Persuasion ebook.

There are several chapters that serve as a “primer” for influence, but I was keen on getting to the heart of the matter. I wanted to score the interviews I was slated for in the coming weeks. So I skipped ahead and read the chapter detailing techniques on how one could implement persuasion in the workplace.

Simon Stanley and Alvin Huang detailed the A-Z of acing any interview. It isn’t just about impressing interviewers, but to DOMINATE the interview by using simple tricks often overlooked by most people. Who knew a little research into the company can make or break your chances of acing an interview?

But there’s still a whole lot more that both Simon and Alvin cover in the entire program, such as the importance of body language and how one doesn’t need to be a psychic to read and influence minds.

Through observation, you’ll realize that it is actually quite easy to read people and know what they’re thinking, whether they approve of you, whether they will give you the job, and whether they find that the salary you’re asking for is too high, etcetera.

But that’s not all there is in Influence Persuasion. Both Simon and Alvin also address 6 basic principles of persuasion that can be used in nearly all situations, and they’re very useful and easy to apply in life.

Selling yourself is another crucial aspect in getting what you want in life. It isn’t restricted only to corporate circumstances, but to everyday situations as well.

Transforming strangers and enemies into friends, increasing your income through practical means, motivating your spouse or partner to spend quality time with you instead of resorting to the usual, boring, dull routines… all of these can be achieved through persuasion!

After having mastered these techniques, I’m proud to say that not only was I able to ace every interview I attended since completing the course, I’ve also improved my relationships with my family and friends as well, often persuading them to see things my way.

Heck, I ended up with several job offers that I had trouble deciding on!

The great thing about Influence Persuasion is that on top of the additional video training (yes, there are several great “quick start” videos that distill the entire course into a comprehensive 3 hour program) there’s actually a bonus component that helps you succeed in every area of your life. Having the powers of persuasion is great, but there are so many other facets to success that one needs to conquer.

Simon has you covered with Life Secrets Unlocked, a success mastery course that is as good as having him right there in your home, coaching you through life every step of the way.

For anyone who’s never had the privilege of having a life coach, you don’t know how incredible it is having someone SHOW you the way to success rather than having to struggle through life and figuring things out on your own.

This bonus alone would have made the entire Influence Persuasion course a worthwhile investment.

Speaking of investments, you’ll be amazed by the price Simon’s asking for this entire course. It’s really a two-in-one course that you simply need to have, if only because it’s ridiculously affordable compared to some of the other weekend seminars you might have seen elsewhere.

So grab Influence Persuasion while you can. I’m telling you guys, you won’t regret it. Here’s where you can get it.

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