Your Questions About How To Get Money Today

Michael asks…

How do I receive money today via online?

Person sending me money said paypal makes you wait a few days to verify credit card??

How do I get money to me today via online?

Thank you

admin answers:

This video shows a great way to make money online easily:

George asks…

How can I earn some money today?

I want to be able to walk out the house this morning and come back in the evening with some money – preferably more than I spend on bus fare into town but I don’t need to earn a lot today.

I’m unemployed and don’t get benefits. I’m 21 male and live near Glasgow, not scared of hard work and I don’t mind if it’s slightly illegal (cash in hand, not on the books). The more creative the suggestion the likelier I am to pick as best answer (within reason).

Nobody say prostitution or data entry!

admin answers:

Police id parade pays cash in hand, rare blood group ? Then give blood they pay for rare blood groups , sperm banks pay also if your in good health..nightclub advertising in glasgow must be big Business, try sandwich board walking..approach nightclubs by phone tell them you will give out flyer’s on the high street..busy pubs need glass collectors,people doing this job don’t usually last for more than a week, they get what they need and leave ! Pizza parlours need menus posting there must be hundreds of takeaways in glasgow also need menus posting ….its all there my friend …just reach out

Carol asks…

Why don’t kids understand the value of money today?

I need to get rid of fb account, too many idiots on there that I once called friends….
Posted on there, “Kids today just don’t understand the value of money

No fooling, when the parents don’t understand it, how can the children possibly understand it?

When a parent feels compelled to spend $100+ on sneakers that they are surely going to outgrow before outwear, how is the child going to appreciate the value?

admin answers:

Like you said, parents don’t understand the value of money, so how can the kids. When my daughter was growing up, I gladly provided all of her needs, her wants was an entirely different thing however. As an example: those $100 sneakers you spoke of would take me 10 hours of work to pay for, I would ask her if she was willing to work the 10 hours to earn them. More often that not, she consider the value of her time against the price of the sneaker and decided they were too expensive. It really is all about perspective for a child, if they get what they want by just asking, then they never associate the money with someone(you) having to work to pay for their stuff.

Robert asks…

how can I get money today with bad credit?

I ave very bad credit I have a unexpected bill that needs to be payed in the next 2 days.

admin answers:

If you looking for a legitimate cash advance loans in 1 Hour .once approved your loan will be transferred directly to your checking account promptly, and securely. Now you’ll be able to use the cash for all your necessities.


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Good luck!…….

Donna asks…

How can I make some money today?

Im 22 from the UK and broke – how can I make some cash cant get a job applied for loads but no one gets back to me.

admin answers:

Just have to save every bit of money you get. Wont be easy, but you’ll do it.
Lie about your experience!

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