Your Questions About How To Make Fast Cash Today

Charles asks…

how to make $50 with in two weeks from today-9/27/09?

i am saving up to buy myself a new digital camera that is a good one. i have 70 dollars now and i want to have at least 120 before i buy one. not sure which one im getting so i need to have over 100 to be safe. i need good, legal ways to make 50 and fast! i need to have my camera in two weeks from today!!! plus, any tips on which camera to get would be nice… btw…i have 30 in change but i dont wish to cash that in unless i absolutly have to. PLEASE HELP!!!!! <3

admin answers:

For a quick way try mowing lawns, babysitting, tutoring, doing extra chores..etc

Mandy asks…

How can i make $ 50 or more in 1 day ?

i want to go shopping today & i need extra cash. i was wondering if there are some ways i could make the money fast.

& no, im not doing a yardsale.

thanks !

admin answers:

Do yard work or clean someones house for them.

Jenny asks…

Best money making for runescape?

Well, long story short, my account got hacked and somebody got rid of all of my armor, and most of my money. I went from over 1 mil to just 78K. Which is a more efficient way of quickly making fast cash of these 3 options. (I don’t want any other suggestions, as i am already so used to doing these 3 things, so i wouldn’t have to learn anything new)

1.Cutting yews at level 66 woodcutting (what im currently doing)
2.Catching lobsters at level 53
3.Killing hill giants near the barbarian village and selling the big bones. (used to do this ALL the time.)

Which of these methods will make me the most money? I now have about 154K and bought back all of my rune armor and my rune battle axe. Not just how much each makes for a full inventory, but how fast you can get a full inventory. I timed myself today, and i can get a full inventory of yews in about 12-13 minutes. (sorry for rambling on and on.) So which would be most effective? Thanks in advance!

admin answers:

Go kill hill giants:)

Lizzie asks…

How to learn how to work with fast food, cash registers, and drive thru quickly?

Today was my first day working at McDonalds it is my first “real” job and I am really nervous. Today all we did was watch videos and clean a little bit. Then the manager quizzed us I feel like I did okay it was a verbal quiz and I did miss one or two questions but I also knew some of the questions that the guy I was with didn’t know. Overall I think it went ok..but I really think it could have gone better. I am really scared to start tomorrow because that is when the actual training starts. I am a good worker and when someone tells me to do something I do it as quickly and accurately as I can but I feel like I am going to be a slow learner and get in everyone’s way and make tons of mistakes. I really need this job because I have to pay for college…do you have any tips or advice of how to work quickly in the fast food industry and how to get the managers and other staff to like me and not get annoyed with my slowness?

admin answers:

Well done on getting the job!

I’m a McDonald’s Crew Trainer so, oddly enough, I train new Crew members, and I understand how your feeling.

I know it’s easy to say, and harder to actually do it, but, when you feel your going slow, and getting in peoples way, don’t worry about it.

You are new, your not expected to know anything about how the food is made. You are going to make mistakes, and it’s fine. They are likely to put you with people who are experienced, or have you with a crew trainer all the time, so that when you mess things up, your going too slowly, it can be rectified.

Our latest new start put the wrong mayonnaise on a Chicken Sandwich, didn’t know what to do, panicked, got confused, froze. – He did not know how to fix the problem, so all that happened in that situation was the sandwich was thrown into a red bin, someone handled all the orders till the screen was cleared, and he was then able to try again. – But he didn’t put the wrong mayo on again (that I know of)

The people there are there to help you. You are part of a team. They know you are new, they will understand that it takes getting used to. They will have been though it themselves, and will have had other new people go though the same thing.

I always tell this to my trainees, YOU are part of the team whether you like it or not, if you are struggling or feel at any point your not coping with anything, help us, by letting someone know your struggling and that way, we can help you. There is no shame is asking for help.

Even though I’ve worked there for a while, I often have times where there is too much to do, especially when we are starting to close, and there aren’t many customers. Everything is getting cooked to order, so, if you get just a couple of customers, then a lot of work is quickly created, and your the only one in the kitchen. Now, there are 2 options, both of which I have tried, when I was reasonably new, I just tried to deal with everything, and it fell to bits. People got rubbish quality, and had to wait ages for it. NOT GOOD, but, the second option is to shout, “Can I get help?”, and people who aren’t doing anything, or who are doing jobs that can be done later, will come and help, that way it is much easier. If you think about it, that is halving your work load.

I know it is difficult to shout when your new, and again, it’s understood, but you will find your voice with time as you will see that communication is absolutely key.

Another thing I’d like to say is, if you make a mistake, don’t worry about it. It’s happened, it’s in the past. And the likelihood is that it’s happened before.
My best example is, my first time on my own topping up the shake machine. I had filled a milk churn half full – brilliant.
I’d heaved it to the machine – I was doing so well.
I tried to lift it up to the top of the machine so I could pour it in the top – struggling.
I tip the milk in, loose my grip on the handle, and the churn rolls, still full of milk, off of the machine, onto the floor. Disaster! I was sure that the manager was going to come and chuck me out of the building. But they didn’t, they just gave me a mop, and some cloths, got me to mop it up, and wipe everything with milk on it. And got me to fill it again.

The very next day, still feeling utterly stupid about this milk… I saw one of the mangers heaving the milk to the machine, lifting it up, before she even got the chance to tip it, she dropped it, it went all over her, and made me feel awesome. – I am not the only one to mess up that job.

Good luck! All you can do is try, and that is all the are wanting from you 😀

Lisa asks…

What should I do next???? HELP!!!!!?

Hi, Im John.
I’ll be 16 on september 23. I’m a unlicensed,uninsured driving male,
with permission to drive from mom and dad,
but if i get into a accident. I’m DEAD.
Recently got into an accident with another woman.
Found out that the cost for repair is (around) ~ $1,500.
Told her i didn’t have a license.
I’m an unemployed junior at highschool with only $200 saved!
Lady said i could pay her in payments if i needed to.
As long as the full $1,500 is paid-off by no later than six weeks.
starting today.9/13
I payed off the first $200. (which i had saved)
Payment # 1 – – – – – – -PAID $200

Total Needed Amount by 10/24: (around) ~ $1300
(Mum and Pa can’t know about this at all.
its wrong.[i know]
but they just can’t find out.)


admin answers:

You could try to work off the debt by getting a part time or full-time job, but at 7.25 (presumable minimum wage for a Junior in high school) you would have to work a minimum of 35 hrs. A week for the next 6 weeks. That is not including time spent finding the job and does not include a common weeks waiting period for payroll to process your check. Realistically, you have 4 weeks and at 7.25 an hour, you would have to work over 53 hours a week, which isn’t even legal for a minor – regardless of state.

I know it’s not what you want to hear, but in these life instances, the right thing to do is not always the easiest. I would suggest you come clean with Mom and Dad, be responsible and learn from your mistake. Good Luck,

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