Your Questions About How To Make Money At Home For Kids

George asks…

What are some part time/work from home jobs?

I recently found out I have a debt to pay, but want to make extra money from home since I have kids and am already apart from them all day. Are there any jobs that I could do from home? Thanks

admin answers:

Unless you have very specific skills, there are no real internet work at home jobs. You will just be bombarded with all kinds of scams.

James asks…

what kind of business could I start with a strong marketing background?

I want to be able to make money and stay home with my kids.

admin answers:

If you are serious about starting your own Home Based Business so you can stay home with your children in total comfort, contact me at my gmail address listed in my profile.

I will forward pertinent information directly to you as to what you should look for, how to evaluate offers you will receive so you do get involved in business you not only will love to do but also will receive your pay according to your efforts.

Mary asks…

How can I make money at home-I have 3 kids and daycare costs too much.?

I would like to make money at home-maybe on the internet. I am in college, and I can’t get a job (without a degree) making good enough money to pay for daycare, gas, and still make money. Any suggestions or things that have worked for you would be helpful. Would like to get an SUV soon-could use extra money.

admin answers:

Network marketing. I sell Arbonne and make a great living. It’s ideal for a stay-at-home mom too as you work from home, no gas, no daycare. You can earn your way up to a white Mercedes!

Arbonne products sell themselves. Created in Switzerland, made in the USA, all natural, no animal testing. Look at their website for your next step to financial freedom. Also, they have no negative feedback at

Thomas asks…

How do I encourage my husband to spend more time at home with the kids?

My husband wants to go to college again to get another of his degrees. While I would normally be happy to support him in this, I feel he is already spending way too much time at work and not enough time at home. The kids badly need a father figure to look up to and I’m worried all the time my husband spends away will affect them negatively. I don’t know, it seems like all he cares about nowadays is money.

Is it okay to feel this way about things or should I just ignore it and let him do what he wants? Thanks

admin answers:

First do research. Look for statistics about how kids turn out who have little interaction with their father, or no father figure. It’s staggering really. Girls are more likely to become drug addicts, drink, and become a mommy as a teen. Boys – drugs, alchohol, girls – which can make them a daddy.

If they have no male role model around they will find someone else, usually someone you wouldn’t approve of. Girls will look for this “missing piece” in boys, they will start having sex and using their bodies because they think that’s what it takes. Sad but true. I have seen it countless times.

Money helps, but a dad is more important.

Carol asks…

What is a good way to make money from home for a stay-at-home mom?

Looking for new/good ways to make money from home. Data entry, internet work, etc. Anything to do from home and still be with my kids. Not interested in MLMs (multi-level marketing) or pyramid scams. Thanks.

admin answers:

Avon, or day care.

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