Your Questions About Make Money Online Free For Kids

Richard asks…

How do I earn money online?

I am a kid and I play this Online world that reguires Membership and I don’t get allowonce, I am very good with Computers so I would like to earn money online without spending money to do so! Well please help!

admin answers:

Its easy and instant and free, Create it while having fun. No technical knowledge required.


Helen asks…

What is the best free undownloadable game for kids online?

What is the best free undownloadable game for kids online?
It should be apropiate for kids, no money needed to pay, and undownloadable.

admin answers:

If it’s free and undownloadable you’ll probably have a hard time enjoying it. I always thought the popcap games were fun and should be A-OK for kids.

Mark asks…

What is a REAL and PRODUCTIVE way to make money online or using a computer?

I am 18 and unfortunately, I don’t have a vehicle yet. I would like to find a job on the computer or some way to make money at home being that I have no means of transportation.

If anyone knows any LEGIT, REAL, and PRODUCTIVE company that can fulfill this request, please let me know.

admin answers:


There are lots of sites out there that CLAIM you will make loads of money through their program. I’ve tried almost everything, from paid per click programs, where you are paid to view ads, to surveys, both of which turned out to be a huge waste of my time… Mostly. There are a few legit sites that will make you money, but don’t kid yourself- these ususally only generate pocket cash. THE BEST WAY I have found to make money online is through Treasuretrooper, which is a site that pays you to do different offers, like sign up for newsletters. First you should make an extra email account to do this with. The offers will make you some money.. But you can make sooo much more by getting referrals. You will have to work hard at getting referrals in the beginning., but once you have them, the work will do itself.. You make 20% of what they make (they dont get money taken away from them) AND 5% of what THEIR referrals make. There is also cashcrate which is a site similar to cashcrate. There are also a few other ways to get money online.. So visit my blog to find out more on the ways I have found to make good, legit money online. The best and most important thing is, everything on the site is free.,… No costs required to make money. Usually any site that requires you to pay money is a scam or a waste of your time anyways.

hope this helped


Chris asks…

what is the easiest way to make alot of money online for free no paying out of the pocket and no real labor?

i just dont have the time with 3 kids and being a marine its hard enough to pay the bills how can i make some good cah?

admin answers:

None exist to match your need that I know off. From my experience money = labor + skill + time. It just can’t happen without any one of those. If you don’t have any one of those you have to exchange it with money.

James asks…

Is there any free ways to earn money online?

I wanna know if there is a true online way to make some extra money. I work, so don’t tell me that. I want something that I can do when my kids are in bed and I am just hanging around.
So is there anything out there?

admin answers:

CNN reported that 99% of these online jobs are scams.
Some are so bad, they get access to your checking account and wipe you clean.
If you feel you can beat these odds, I applaud you.

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