Your Questions About Make Money With Google

Susan asks…

How does a company like Google make money?

I have to write a paper on what companies i would invest stock in. And frankly, i’m terrible with economics. My dad suggested Google, but how do they make money?

admin answers:

Websites pay Google money to put their websites as one of the first ones that show up after a search.

Robert asks…

how does google make money with you tube?

Do they make money with you tube. If not why and how could they make money with you tube?

admin answers:

Adds in videos and on the site

Daniel asks…

How exactly do companies like yahoo or google make money?

I was just wondering because I just read about Yahoo planning to cut 5% of it’s work force because of low revenue or some such thing and I was curious how they make their revenue. I guess I had never really thought of them as a bunch of people with jobs, just as something on my computer.

admin answers:

Sponsored results pay money to be listed first.
Also they have advertisements.

I’m sure there are other things like news companies paying to get their new posted in the news section or keep their publication high on the result list.

They probably are also paid-by-hit… So if someone searches something, and I dunno… Cnn news comes up they get a small amount of money… If the person clicks they get a little more… But you multiply that by a couple million hits and your company is doing very well

Ken asks…

How to become an associate member with google to make money on the internet?

¿ Is this what is required so that google pays you when people click on the google ads on your webpage.? Alternatively is there other way to make money with google adverts on your web page

admin answers:

This short article will round things up for you and get you on your way to becoming part of Googles AdSense program…

George asks…

hiya ,who knows how make money with the google adwords?

i wanna know how to make money google ad words? but i can’t it true? if someone knows any online sites believable sites plz recommend me give me some advise?

admin answers:

Money can be made through adsense, not adwords. If you have a product then you advertise in adwords (spend money), and then hope to sell the product at a profit higher than you adwords spending to gain more than what you spend (thus make a net profit).

There is a very cheap (under $10) tutorial to understand the entire process as well as get your first website developed. IF you want it, drop me an email here:

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