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Jenny asks…

How can I make more money fast?

OK, Id like to make money fast, im 12 and I just need some money that I can spend this week while we are off for ski break, I want to get about a 100 bucks to get a new outfit for my dance!! PLease help

admin answers:

You need to go to your neighbors and ask if you can:
clean thier home or garage (you can make $100 in one weekend doing this)
shoveling snow
take down Christmas lights

Use your home PC and printer and make some cute personalized stationary and package it in a super cute way – then take samples to your neighbors and parents friends and see if they would like to buy some.

Make and sell cookies/brownies to same people or at your local grocery store.

Offer to babysit some kids for Valentine’s night.

Good luck! Have fun on your Break.

Ken asks…

How can I make more money fast so I can dress from bcbg, and hollister, and the name brand places.?

I work @ wal mart, but I wanna make more money so I can dress in cute name brand stuff like bcbg, hollister, american eagle, forever 21, refuge, and all those places.

admin answers:

Try working at the store you want to get clothes from, that way you can get a discount!

Ruth asks…

I need to make more money fast. We are always short each month. We have full time jobs, a side business and?

two kids in travel sports. We are just not making enough to make ends meet. Does anyone know if there are legitimate modeling /casting businesses out there. Most seem to be scams. What about nude modeling also?

admin answers:

I suggest you to rethink about nude modeling. I understand your financial situation. There are other ways to earn money…..

You can earn quite a bit of money by trading forex. Basically it’s trading currencies.

If you are new, start a demo account(it’s free) and start trading using virtual money.

This broker has a really good trading platform for beginners; It’s like playing a game when doing forex-trading.

You can join here:


Or if you want to start with real money but are uncomfortable to invest your own. This broker gives you $5 free to start:

Give forex a try, not everyone profit from them, but a lot do. Once you got the hang of it, earning money is not that hard :)

Hope this will help you~~

John asks…

I need to make money fast without too many hassles?

I just want to make more money and fast without paying out lots of money and without havin to do those stupid surveys. Any suggestions.

admin answers:

I make money at richptc

its a pay per click website.
All you have to do is sign up and start clicking on the adds they give you.
I seriously just made 10 dollars by clicking on links to adds.
You dont have to buy there product just click on the add.
Way simple.
And you dont have to do any stupid surveys. :)

heres their link…

Donald asks…

Do Night shift fast food workers make more money?

I was wondering if they make more money than people who work during the day…

I want another part time job, and was thinking about working 20 hrs a week at a fast food place.. I know they will close the dining room, so I wouldn’t have to deal with many people face to face.

admin answers:

They pay you a dollar more at White Castle so yes. There are a limited few that do. (these fools dont know what theyre saying) But no, dont work there because u won’t get to work nights. And it’s sucky. Nights are better than days in my opinion because usually they are slower and easier to catch up on.

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